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The Team

Hi! My name is Doreen, I am a mum to 5 Beautiful Children (1 Girl, 4 Boys). I have a certificate in Small Business Management, I am one of the Owners of Just Funky Mugs NZ. I designed this Website, I run our business from home and do all the day to day running of our website and Social Media, I manage all the products, From Designs to print to Cut and Pressing. Hubby is also very helpful when i need him to be (hehe).  One of the reasons for starting a home/web based business is because i was diagnosed in 2015 with Fibromyalgia (A musculoskeletal condition characteristics include widespread muscle and joint pain 90% of the time) which mean't I could no longer work full time along side hubby so to keep me busy we would open a little business that i could run from home and this is how Just Funky Mugs NZ came about.

​I Love the Outdoors, Fishing, Motorbikes and Riding, (well passenger anyway) Animals, Netball, Movies, Speedway, swimming, Arts & Crafts and spending time with my Family.


Hi! My name is Rob, I am a Dad to 5 Awesome Kids, I am the other owner of Just Funky Mugs NZ Apart from Helping my wonderful wife with the business when she needs me, I run a Dairy Farm in the mighty Waikato of New Zealand. I have been dairy farming for a number of years and love my Job.

​I enjoy the Outdoors, Animals, Fishing, Movies, Motorbikes, Speedway, Go Kart Racing and spending time with my Family.

Our beautiful Children and Grandson